Solid hardwood flooring: Get breathtaking, unique looks with genuine, solid planks

Manufactured with solid wood through-and-through, solid hardwood floors offer breathtakingly unique looks that are perfect in any home. From mahogany to ash, walnut to cherry, maple to oak, there are virtually countless species to beautiful your upcoming renovation project. Get the high-quality, one-of-a-kind style you want with this elegant flooring option. If you’re redoing your floors but don’t know which material to choose, then check out the following benefits a wood installation has to offer.


Without a doubt, this installation is one of the most durable available on the market. Built to withstand the rigors of everyday use for several decades, with proper care, hardwood floors can even last you a century –as many solid installations are widely known to do. An impressive added advantage to wood planks is the fact they can be re-sanded and re-varnished. That’s right! If your installation gets a few dents or scratches, or if you’re feeling in need of an upgrade, your floors can be completely redone. Now, that’s cost-effective!

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Easy maintenance

Rest assured that your floors are relatively straightforward to maintain and clean. In short, a basic regimen includes a quick daily sweeping or dry mopping to pick up dust and dirt. Weekly, though it depends on the state of your floors, a damp mopping will help keep everything looking pristine.

Added value

By and large, your solid planks will likely increase property value, as many realtors will readily inform you. This is because the vast majority of potential homebuyers view this type of installation as an attractive benefit. Therefore, you’re apt to get more viewers for your home and higher bids.
Hardwood flooring in Fort Myers, FL from Supreme Floors

Alluring appeal

One of the top reasons this installation is so highly desirable is because it’s just plain beautiful. Stunning, with classic appeal, it has an allure that’s simply hard to match. No matter which room you install it in, you’re promised a stylish addition to your home. As for design, they’re very flexible and adaptable, since planks are manufactured in a wide array of species, colors, grain patterns, and textures.

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