Hardwood flooring installation in a Fort Myers, FL home

Solid vs. engineered wood flooring

When it’s time to choose a wood flooring, the biggest question usually comes to whether you want solid or engineered wood. In today’s post, we’re going to take a quick look at how they line up with one another and which one might be best for your requirements.

Solid hardwood flooring

As you might expect, solid wood is natural wood all the way through and offers the most extended lifespan. With proper installation and care, these floors can easily last more than 100 years.

These materials must be attached to the subfloor, so they cannot be floated. But they offer outstanding performance once in place.

Engineered wood materials

Engineered hardwood flooring is made of layers of perpendicularly laid plywood, to which a layer of natural wood is attached, in your choice of species. These floors offer many of the benefits of solid wood, including refinishing, when necessary, with a lifespan that averages 30 years or more.

This is a fantastic alternative if you have a below-grade space where solid wood can't be installed. It handles dampness and humidity better than solid options but be sure to ask your flooring professional for all the details.

Take a look at our wood flooring options

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