Are baseboards necessary with all flooring?

Are baseboards necessary with all flooring?

Yes. Baseboards add a lot of visual appeals, but their function goes much further than that. They are always necessary when replacing an existing surface or installing new floors.

The purpose of a baseboard

They protect walls and make the room look finished. There’s a reservation gap at the bottom of the baseboard where the flooring can easily slide underneath.

The size of the gap will depend upon the width of the floor. But, if done correctly, it all looks smooth–the way molding hides the gap between the walls and ceiling.

Baseboards take a lot of punishment; they guard against kicks and scuffs from boots and shoes. Even vacuum cleaners can do a number on them.

Flooring or baseboard first?

We hear this question a lot in our flooring store. Unfortunately, the answer is complicated and depends on the installer's preference and the installed floor type.

In most cases, the baseboard is installed first, especially since the carpet's trim is in place and can be tucked and invisible. Also, worries are eliminated about getting paint and stain on it.

Some floorings, such as vinyl, are installed first because the trim isn't much of a concern. It's also easy enough to cover up the planks when painting.

Should I choose an ornate baseboard?

The rules are the same as for any decorative element. The color and style should harmonize with the room's overall decor.

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